8 Signs You're Finally a Grown-Up

Especially #6

1. Sometimes, what you really need is time to do nothing!

Because you don't remember the last time you had time to be bored...

2. You think before spending your hard-earned money...

You start thinking about saving that dough for the latest iPhone.

3. Your Facebook feed is full of your friend's wedding photo albums

Because most of your friends are either tying the knot or are in a serious relationship!

4. Partying everyday no longer interests you

Because now you think about being 'productive' and 'constructive' all the time. Plus, you're ALWAYS tired.

5. A child has called you 'auntie' or 'uncle' atleast once

Gone are the 'didi' and 'bhaiyya' days

6. You look at teenagers and miss your teens

and you miss your school and college days!

7. You're thinking about investments 

Like property, shares, SIPs, start-ups...

8. You're paying taxes!!!

Because, in your head, that was the epitome of your parents having 'grown-up' talk