5 Tiny Life Changes That'll Make You Lose Weight

They're super-simple, little changes, but promise noticeable results

1. Tweak Your Tea

Enjoy your daily cup (or cups) of tea of coffee? We all do! But the average 3 cups of tea or coffee made with milk and sugar can rack up nearly 75 calories. And if you buy your beverage from a store, where they pre-add sweeteners and cream, that figure is much higher. By themselves, your hot beverages have hardly any calories in them; it's the milk and sugar that fattens them up. Simply replacing your regular milk with skim milk, and cutting your sugar in half (for instance, half a spoon instead of a full one), will cut your calorie consumption significantly.

2. Only Allow Yourself Two Deliveries a Week

You know how mom said home-cooked food is the healthiest? She was right. Most of us end up ordering or eating out 4-5 times a week. But the calories in restaurant-cooked food can be double--or triple--or triple the calories of what's made in your own kitchen. By committing to eating out only twice a week, you'll still get to indulge, but with fewer calories in your tummy.

3. Make Your Home a 'Clean Zone'

The healthiest people will tell you that their homes are a junk-free zone. That means no cupboards filled with snacks and cookies and boxes of cakes. As a result, they're less tempted to eat a packet of chips when they're hungry, and if they really, really want to indulge, they have to go to the store to get something (that's too much effort).To improve your eating habits, cleanse your kitchen or store of any junk food. Yes, even those 'diet chips'. Not having them around means you'll be forced to make healthier options.

4. Eat Slower

Sometimes, we're SO hungry that we simply wolf down our meal...and then some. But your brain some time to realise it's full, so you could be eating more than is required to satisfy your hunger. The solution? Eating slower (experts suggest 20-25 chews per bite), and putting down your spoon often so you're not racing through your meal.

5. Vegetables Come First

No matter what you have on your plate, eat those veggies first. They're low in calories, will fill you up, and all this means you'll have less space left for that greasy burger or pizza slice. ​