Apparently the 'Grimace Face' Emoji is Actually Smiling


​Stop what you're doing. This is very, very important news that we're about to tell you. It's going to dramatically change your entire life. Maybe.

You've (probably) been using this emoji wrong. 

Turns out, the 'grimace face' emoji – or so we called it until one minute ago – is not uncomfortable. He's not stressed. He's not cringing. This little yellow fella is actually smiling. Manically, mind you…

If you look at how this guy looks on different devices, he actually appears to have  been presented with a teeny, tiny little puppy. And he's positively chuffed about it!

In fact, he only looks furious on Apple devices like iPhones.

Here's the proof from a study by Hannah Miller, a Ph.D student at the University of Minnesota:

The guy in the corner's even blushing he's having such a swell time!

This little mix up may have led to a whole host of awkward exchanges between you and your buddies.

For example, look how different the emoji looks on an Android phone compared to him hanging out on an iPhone.

And from this day forward, we promise to go forth and never use emojis incorrectly again. Unless we're drunk.

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