Dear Douchebag. Indian Girls Wouldn't Date YOU If You Were the Last Man Alive.

He may have gone viral, but this man is quite the fungal infection.




It's interesting to see how in a world of flagrant feminists who are finally being heard, there's still a battalion of men who are determined to stay strong in their sexist thought. We found this breed alive, well, and taking the internet by storm for all the wrong reasons in one Matt Forney (I'd ordinarily link you to his page, but I wouldn't want to give the man the publicity OR the satisfaction). Therefore, a reaction from the women of India was warranted, and here you have it. 

In his piece, 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Indian Girls, the man has created a signature blend of racism, sexism, and superficiality that speaks to pretty much everything that is wrong with society right now. For those of you that haven't read the piece, as much as I hate to give him more attention than he deserves, I'm going to elucidate via example. 

Behold, the first point on his list. 

Oh, God. Not only is this the most ludicrously offensive collection of stereotypes I've seen in one place since I read Chetan Bhagat's 2 States, it becomes all the harder to digest when you realise it's coming from THIS guy. 

It's almost laughable that THIS man thinks we're unappealing (he also manages to trash the American female populace in the same breath, never fear, by labelling them 'disgustingly obese'). The idea that this boiled potato with a heartbeat thinks we're not worth him taking his pants off because we are, as a people, 'riddled with body hair and more fat than we should be legally allowed to carry about' is shudder-inducing.

Now, onto the second.

He then moves on to indicate that we're all the kind of gals who use sex as a weapon, have no sexual repertoire whatsoever, and are 'about as much fun to bang as sticking it in a vaccuum cleaner.' This all, of course, can be traced back to being spoiled by our daddies. 

However, I can pinpoint the reason this guy has had such a terrible time having sex in India: If I met this chap at bar...

I would prude up, stat. I would drink a tall glass of prude juice. I would invest in a high-quality chastity belt. Prudishness is my armour. 

The third thing he talks about is how we all hate ourselves just so very much.

He enlightens his consumer base of #foreveralone sexist pigs on how we, the women from a land known for how we mostly just sh*t on the street and do nothing else, really, just want to land a white man. We don't even care if it's THIS white man.

This egg with a mustache who, apparently, owns exactly ONE T-shirt and has worn it enough to make me never wants to listen to Sonic Youth again. Even HE will do because my sandwich is jonesing so bad for some white meat. 

Number four is when he talks about how we're all like, crazy effed-up feminists.

Look at us, damn b*tches wanting rights and 'inventing stories' about how we've been raped. Actually, you know what? Even I, who can find humour in something as grave as a presidential swearing-in ceremony, will not dignify this with sarcasm. This man, in fact, is the case study that should be under microscopic inspection when they're trying to determine where the rot in male mentality comes from.

And lastly, he declares that we're all (nuh-uh-uh! no exceptions!) Mentally ill.


This part, actually, gives us a mild glimmer of insight as to why he's been hating on women from our country—He dating an Indian girl who f*cked him up real nice. Ordinarily, I might have some modicum of sympathy, but boo-freakin'-hoo is the phrase is the currently comes to mind in this set of circumstances. 

He ends on a deeply disturbing note, tell men to get us into bed for the sole reason of 'getting their Indian flag'—easily the most objectifying and misogynist thing I've heard in a while.

Frankly, the most frightening part isn't that men like this exist. It's that it sired reactions like this.

...and several others in their vicinity. You now have my explanation for why THIS reaction so long and rambling. We really needed someone to do it. 

​Let me end by saying that Matt, you'd also  be surprised to know that most of us aren't, in fact, deeply psychotic, self-loathing, tragically hideous trolls that run around screaming 'rape' for funsies and have the sex drive of plant. 

It isn't us, sweetie. It's you