New Study Says Vegetarians Will Die Earlier, Be More Prone to Mental Illness

Time for a roast!

​Everybody who tucked into a big*ss burger or Philly cheese steak with fervour—and was meat-shamed for it—can now throw this new research study in the faces of the army of veggievangelanists (just coined that term, let's hope it catches) with happy war-cries.

A new study by the University of Graz reports that vegetarians do not have the same quality of life as non-vegetarians—it is, in fact, far poorer. The report mentions that they also have a greater susceptibility to mental illnesses and psychological disorders. 

The research in question comes from the data from the Austrian Health Interview Survey (AT-HIS)which studied 1,320 people, split into 4 groups of 330 each—keeping in mind similar ages, genders and socio-economic backgrounds, amounts of exercise and physical activity, smoking habits, of normal BMI (between 22.9 and 24.9). 

The only differing factor was their diet. 

The four groups were vegetarians, meat-eaters (that also ate veggies), people that barely ate meat, and what were essentially carnivores. 

The study discovered TWICE the amount of allergies in vegetarians as the big meat-eaters, 166% higher cancer rates, and that in the 18 different kinds of chronic illnesses they looked at closely, vegetarians were more prone to (and suffered greatly with) 14 of them—including osteoporosis, diabetes and asthma. Also—vegans have 150% higher rate of heart-attacks than big meat-eaters. They were also twice as likely to suffer from both depression and anxiety.

If you've been jonesing for a big*ss ham sandwich this whole way through, run now! There's very little time left! And hold the lettuce.