We Asked Over 1000 Women if They'd Like to be Promoted from Their Current Position

...and here's what they said




Over 90 percent of women are confident that they deserve (and are ready for) promotion, according to a recent Cosmo India survey.

Would You Like to be Promoted from Your Current Position​?

Here's what you had to say:​

"Absolutely! I take my job very seriously and I put in more hours than I need to because my goal is to hit the top by the time I'm 35. I also feel no need to apologise for it." 

—Priyanka C. 29, marketing manager 

"My career matters a lot—but not enough for me to go crazy and stop caring about everything else in my life. I need a balance—but I'm still trying to find it." 

—Deepti T., 26, senior copywriter 

"I'm not the kind of person who's obsessed with getting to the top—it's more important for me to have variety in what I do. That's why I'd give up a well-paying position for a more interesting job that may pay less." 

Aashna H., 28, graphic designer