This Hilarious Video Shows a Role Reversal of Meat-Eaters Getting Offended by Vegans!

This is some dark meat...

With fair warning, if you're easily offended, this one isn't for you.

An interesting Youtube channel called AwakenWithJP does these fun, social-satire-esque videos that are a sardonic, bird-eye POV-led endeavour that sort of trashes modernisms like Insta obsessions and pseudo-spirituality.

The latest one doing the rounds is THIS baby.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0O_VYcsIk8[/youtube]

In this video, the fun, role-reversal spin on meat-eaters reacting to vegans the way it normally is the other way around is just RIOTOUS! 

It's also clearly meant for people that have thicker skin about this sort of stuff. However, with phrases like "This is a meat-based tofu substitute" used for a sausage, and asking a waiter to replace soy with chicken in his spring-rolls, the video parody the intricacies and nuances of being a vegan in a meat-eating world beautifully.