8 Shocking (and Hilarious) Confessions from Cosmo Readers

"Every night, after he's asleep, I binge on Oreo cookies"




1. "I was at an outdoor party, and we were all chilling in the garden. Unfortunately for me, when I sat down on the grass, a bee crawled up my shorts and stung me. To make things worse, I'm allergic to bees, so I had to coerce the host into finding me an antihistamine. Needless to say, I wasn't in so much of a 'party mood' after that."

—Neha S., 28

2. "When I was 16, I was dating this guy 'A', my high school sweetheart. But as a teenager, I didn't know any better and started seeing another guy 'B' while I was still with 'A'. I then started dating another guy, 'C', and it got really ugly. Later, we all ended up at a party and I happened to eavesdrop on a conversation between A, B, and C. And they were all talking about me!" 

—Gursakhi L., 23

3. "I had a huge crush on this guy at work. And for months, I worked really hard to get him to notice me. Finally, after three months of working on the same floor, he asked for my number! I was so nervous, that while putting my number into his phone, I dropped it on the concrete. It cracked completely and I offered to pay for it, but he didn't accept. We never spoke again after that."

—Avantika L., 26

4. "I was going out on a date, and he picked me up in his car. But just as I got in, it started to smell. Turns out I'd stepped in dog poop and smeared it on the floor of his car. Oops!"

—Netra K., 28

5. "My boyfriend and I are doing this healthy eating thing together. But he doesn't know that every night, after he's asleep, I binge on Oreo cookies. I have a stash in my laptop bag."

—Radhika T., 24

​6. "My boyfriend and I decided to have anal, and I was Googling some things before we got to it. Later that day, his brother asked to borrow my phone. His face went white—I'd forgotten that my last search was 'anal sex tips'. He never used my phone again!"

 —Soumya M., 27 

​7. "Since I'm a Youtube Vlogger, most people think that I probably have a team or a professional videographer who shoots my videos. Except, most times, I need to beg my mom or my best friends to actually shoot them for me. And I've done that so many times, they've become total  pros now."

—Sejal K., 21

Guys Confess

8. "I was doing 'the dougie' on the dance floor at a party. People were taking pictures, and cheering. Then I heard a rip. My pants had split at the crotch. I just left."

—Kabir K., 26