The ONE Reason You Should Always Drink Water After a Massage

Important info for spa goers!




​If you're lucky enough to have treated yourself, or been treated to, a day at the spa you'll probably have heard your beauty therapist advise you to drink plenty of water after your massage treatment. And while you might think it's because they're concerned about you getting your eight glasses a day, there's another important reason. When your head, neck and shoulders have been massaged it stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn drives out toxins. This means water is essential to flush out the toxins, so if you don't drink water after a massage, you can sometimes experience a slight headache.

'It's also really important that you are well hydrated before your massage too,' Polly Stevens from Massage Angels tells us. 'Again, if you are thirsty and dehydrated (or if it's really hot), you can sometimes feel dizzy after a massage. The same goes for low blood sugar… if you have not eaten within 4-5 hours of your massage treatment you can sometimes feel dizzy and light-headed post treatment.'So it's important to feel hydrated, and feeling full in order to get the best out of your massage, and feel great afterwards!