The Fuzzy Force

Meet six real-life wonder women who are doing everything they can to make this world a better place for our furry friends.

21 March, 2018
The Fuzzy Force



Kamal started a 24/7 pet cab in Chennai after she realised that there was no means of transporting large pets from home to hospital. She saw that cab drivers were often hesitant in transporting larger pets, even in case of emergencies, and that's how Wagging Tails came about. "I started with my own car and posted on Facebook about the services I was offering. To my surprise, a tonne of people began approaching me," says Kamal. "Now I get about three to four cases per day!" Wagging Tails also recently started their service in Bengaluru, and have plans to expand to Delhi as well. Kamal charges `12-15 interstate and `20 intercity, per kilometre. And the best part: Kamal doesn't believe in using cages to carry the animals; they have their own seat in the car to travel comfortably along with the pet parents.


Jean visited Delhi for the first time in 1993 and was appalled by the conditions of working donkeys and horses. So she and her husband moved from the UK to do something about it. Together, they set up The Asswin Project which helps sick, injured and abandoned equines who have been used to work at construction sites, stone quarries, to pull carts or as wedding horses. "There's so much weight put on the donkeys that it damages their legs," says Bob. With the help of the Gurugram Municipal Commissioner, they set up a shelter which now hosts 150 equines, along with 30 dogs. "Our family has never really understood what we do, but the feeling we get after we help the animals is immense."


Doggie Dabbas was born after Rashee discovered that her pet labrador was gaining weight and losing his puppy coat. It motivated her to study about dog and cat nutrition, and with the right knowledge, change her pet's diet. Now, they cater vacuum-packed, home-cooked, healthy and customised meals across cities for furry friends. Each meal is created depending on the pet's health requirements, like obesity, skin conditions, arthritis, heart problems amongst others. Plus, they take into account preferences of the pet parent (like, whether they're vegetarian or non-vegetarian) to come up with the best possible meal plans. And with Doggie Dabbas' ice cream and chicken treats, your pet will be the waggiest pooch in town.



"I started out fostering and treating injured, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats. I then trained myself in veterinary care to help those who couldn't afford professional help. It's crazy how sudden and unplanned all of this was. But helping animals gives me a purpose in life that is more than just money, survival, and career dependent. It fills a void in my heart that is invaluable. Animals have so much to teach us—strength, hope, gratitude, and fun, amongst a few. They can create a magic in our lives that's just undeniable and people need to realise that before they start hurting them. My dream is to have a large farm and an education centre where I can pamper these babies while teaching people all about them, and giving them that sense of compassion."



"When I was 13 years old I saw a horse pulling a carriage with six people in it, when it suddenly collapsed on the street. The rider jumped out and started beating the horse with his slippers until it stood back up. That's when I saw that all it takes for evil to triumph is for the good to remain silent," says Ambika in a powerful Ted Talk about how animals should be accepted and treated as independent citizens. "I've been an animal rights activist and a lawyer for six years now, and I've dealt with so many animal cruelty cases that I simply had to make people aware of everything that they go through. Animals are sentient, they're real living beings and we've abused them through so many different ways—from battery cages and bullock cart races to animal sacrifice ceremonies. Through my talks, I want to build a case for the animals. We are in no way superior to them and they all need their own rights. We are all equal."


"I've looked after stray animals practically my entire life. I feed them daily, have them sterilised, and give them medical care when they're ill or injured. I grew up in a home where we were taught that the relationship between nature, animals and the environment is sacrosanct. Even as a child, we would feed the birds, cats, dogs and even cows after every meal. And this connection that I have with animals is one of the most guiding hallmarks of my life; their pure heart and love is what I value the most. I think it's a privilege that I get to be of service to them. My goal in life is to get people to live with animals in harmony. I hope to be able to convince at least 50 percent of the families in every neighbourhood to adopt stray dogs. I also want to start a 24/7 state-of-the-art animal hospital sometime in the future."