10 Ways Your Relationship With Your Dad Can Affect Your Current Romantic Relationships

Apart from scaring away prospective boyfriends, of course!

Face it. No matter how old we get, deep down inside we will always be daddy's little girl. Our fathers have always had a huge impact on our lives, even if we happen to live a hundred miles away from them.

And now , new studies are showing us that this very first male relationship and precious bond that we from in our lives has a HUGE impact on our love life. For better or worse, the relationship with your father (biological, or otherwise) can affect the way you view other relationships throughout the rest of life.

Here are 10 ways in which daddy dearest can influence our choice in men, whether he is trying to or not.

1. It can make you clingy: If your dad was not present much while you were growing up or just not available to give you attention , it can make you fear abandonment , expect rejection and constantly paranoid about your partner leaving you.

2. Nobody is good enough: Growing up with an over indulgent father, on the other hand can also do more harm then good . You may grow up with an overblown sense of self-importance which can lead to problems at school, on the job, and/or in relationships.

3. You end up resenting all men: If your dad was not nice to you and your mom ,it could lead to you thinking all men...well ..suck!To justify your anger and resentment, you may find yourself picking fights, or creating conflict in your relationship, according to a relationship coach.

4. You have trouble committing: One of your first major relationship — the one with your dad — didn't go well, so now you walk around expecting all other relationships to fail. This type of thinking can cause you to become phobic of committing or settling down.

5. You hate being single or alone: If your father left as a child , the thought of being alone can scare you , a lot. You may find yourself sticking around in unhealthy relationships or jumping from one person to another in a self-defeating cycle.

6. You refuse to date anyone like your dad: Rebelling against your father's authority or control may cause you to date men who are exactly opposite to him or what he approves of.


7. You end up dating someone exactly like your dad: One of the most intriguing findings in the field of couple therapy is that people tend to unconsciously pick partners who resemble their parents in some way. Research shows that women tend to be drawn to partners who are similar to their fathers psychologically, behaviourally or emotionally. Women having positive relationships with their fathers even tend to pick partners who resemble their dads physically.

8. You use sex to feel loved: If you felt a lack of love as a child , chances are that you might be prone to using sex to feel intimate or loved and fill the void.

9. You might influenced by his behaviour towards you: If your dad was a supportive, emotionally available parent, then you will have learned the skills needed for a healthy relationship early on and your romantic relationships will likely benefit as a result.On the other hand, if you were in an unhealthy role in relation to your dad you may be at some risk of continuing that role in your love life . For example, if you were a caretaker to your dad you might find yourself excessively care taking your partner in your couple relationship and feeling exhausted or resentful as a result.

and finally.....

10.You go for older men: In the classic example of "daddy issues," you often find yourself going for much older men , leading to some problems. According to an expert , you may seek out men reminiscent of your dad, and expect them to compensate for any lack in that relationship in some way.