10 Weird AF Ways In Which You Behave When You Like Someone

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Let's face it — having a crush on someone can be pretty amazing and frustrating at the same time, no matter how old you get. It ends up making you do and say the strangest of things without any possible explanation, even turning you into a complete weirdo without realising it.

So, how do you know if you are acting the way you are because you are crushing on someone, or if you're just generally spiralling? Here are 10 strange ways in which people behave when they like someone, so do check if your symptoms match any of those given below.

1. You develop strange new interests:

TV shows, sports, music, or just weird hobbies, you will find yourself wanting to do the things your crush likes. If they enjoy watching cricket, you might suddenly find yourself paying more attention to the game. And even though you never liked Sci-Fi, you have this sudden urge to binge watch all the Star Wars films.


2. You find yourself talking about them a lot: 

Be it asking questions about the person you like or just bringing them up in random conversation, you will end up spending a lot of time talking about this person without even realising it. If someone brings up the fact that they knew them in high school you will want to know ALL the details, from their childhood pet to what their favourite colour was, ASAP.

3.You find ways to create interactions:

From showing up at parties uninvited to frequently hanging out at their favourite bar, you will find excuses to keep bumping into this person, sometimes unwittingly.

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4.You will stalk them on social media endlessly:

There are times that you will find yourself on their best friend's girlfriend's younger sibling's Facebook or Instagram page (Quick question, bestie: Do they look like they could like each other to you?) without even realising how you got there.


5. You second guess errrrrything:

Your jokes, status updates, outfits, everything is under scrutiny from your crush's point of view regardless of whether they are even watching or listening.

6. You think of them all the time:

Every love song, movie, or even completely unrelated stories and situations tend to remind you of this person.

7. You get awkward when you're around them:

From being overly hyper, sensitive, laughing too much or even just being extremely conscious, you tend to behave in an unnatural way when your crush is around without realising it.


8.You start mirroring them: 

From picking up body language to even starting to use their favourite terms or phrases, you tend to start acting like the person you like without even knowing what you are doing.

9. You run through endless hypotheticals: 

From ideal made-in-Bollywood scenarios, in which you look flawless and they are bowled over by you, to imagining your next vacation or wedding together, you find yourself constantly day dreaming about your crush.


and finally....

10. You refuse to admit you are doing any of these things:

Denial is your best friend when you have a crush on someone. Be it to your friends, family or even to yourself, you will adamantly never admit to your feelings, almost like a five year old.