Front seat or back seat? Here’s what to choose for every car sex position

Accelerate, take a break, and shift gears to get that orgasm!

02 July, 2024
Front seat or back seat? Here’s what to choose for every car sex position

Any place can be good enough for sex as long as you and your partner have the intent (and protection). And if you’re eager to recreate the steamy car scene from Titanic, then buckle up. We know you’re excited, but remember, choosing the right seat for the position you want to try out, is key.

So, will you choose the front or the back seat? Whatever your choice, we’ve got a list of comfortable and fun positions for each. Enjoy this great car sex sesh. 

Front or back seat, either is great


Saddle Straddle: If you’re in the front, move the seat as far back as it can go. Then, have your partner face you with their knees resting beside your legs on the seat. After this, just grind and enjoy the ride. This is one of the few vertical car sex positions that you can enjoy in the front or the back, giving you and your partner ample room to make out.

Reverse cowgirl: Come to think of it, doing this position in a car is more comfortable than the bed. You get a better grip and a place to lean, while your legs get some much-needed rest. If you’re doing it in the front seat, the partner on top can use the dashboard for support. And if you’re doing it at the back, you’ve got the headrest of the front seat. If you want to spice things up, ensure that the legs of the riders are inside that of the receiver. That way, the person on top gets to control the rhythm.

Here’s a handy tip, do it in the middle of the back seat to make the most of the legroom. 

Doggy Door: If you happen to find a deserted area with no one around you for a mile, go ahead and open one of the doors of your car. The receiving partner gets on all fours inside the car, while the penetrating partner goes to town in a standing doggy-style position. It’s hot AF giving you ample time and space to go in nice, deep, and slow!

Front seat


Trunk space: This is one of the best car sex positions for some back-door action. All you have to do is put one chair down and have the receiving partner lean over it towards the back with the penetrating partner on top of them. It not only provides the penetrating partner with a lot of depth but also gives them the chance to caress the receiving partner. 

Back seat


Side spooning: Spooning is one of the go-to positions when you’re having sex in a car for the simple reason being that it gets the job done. If you’re new to car sex and are taking your very first steps, spooning in the back seat is a great place and position to start with. 

Backseat driver: Push the passenger seat as close as you can to the dashboard. Then have the penetrating partner recline in the backseat with his legs on either side, while the girl gets on top facing away from him. Depending on her height and the type of car, the girl will either have to kneel or bend her legs so her feet are planted outside his hips. It’s a position that doesn’t compromise on pleasure.

The clamshell: Cars can be small, but it’s up to you to make the most of the space in it. Here’s a position that maximises the car’s size. In this one, the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs hoisted up and ankles nudged as close to their partner’s shoulders and head, while the penetrating partner enters them using a missionary position. This allows for deep penetration, giving you that G-spot stimulation and allowing you to stimulate the clitoris with the pubic bone before getting into the heat of things. 

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