Things you can say about the monsoons and your partner in bed

It’s better when it’s wetter.

07 July, 2024
Things you can say about the monsoons and your partner in bed

If you’ve got a wild (and creative)  imagination, you’d find that there's a lot you can say about the monsoons and to your partner in bed. Should you be looking to make the most of this awesome weather and get down and dirty with your loved one, make them laugh out loud with these quirky one-liners. Trust us, these are much better than those corny, done and dusted ones. Enjoy! 

Let’s get wet together

Savour every last drop; it might be a while before it gets this wet

Where's an umbrella when you really need one? 

Things are always better when they’re wetter

I should do my best to not slip

Time to get soaked!


You got me soaking wet

We’ve been dry for too long

I’ve waited for you for a very long time

I can’t believe you lasted this long

Looks like you aren’t going to stop anytime soon


You could be coming anytime now

You came and went so fast

It’s heavier in other areas

You were much better last year

Things are going to get dirty now aren’t they? 

I should probably have some fritters and tea with you. 


Look, even the bushes are slimy and wet!

I got sick the last time you came

It's better when we are in Lonavala

My hair got all sticky because of you

I might get late for work because of you 

Lead image credits: Plush Affairs

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