5 Reasons You Need To Forgive Your Douchebag Ex-Boyfriend

Even though he was a jerk, this forgiveness will set YOU free!




​He cheated on you, treated you like dirt, lied and hurt you in more ways than you want to admit. You broke things off because you felt that would give you relief, but something still feels unsetting. 

It could be that you need to properly forgive your ex (within yourself). Even though it may sound unfair, it may be the one step you need to take to move on from your toxic relationship. Here are 5 reasons you should forgive your douchebag ex internally to be fair to yourself.

1) It puts the past behind you.
Think of it like finishing the last chapter of a book and throwing it away for good. It gives you the proper closure that you deserve. 

2) It allows you to move on. 
Forgiving him allows you to move on because it confirms that there is nothing left in the relationship at all. 

3) It diminishes resentment. 
When you forgive someone, all the feelings of anger simply disappear, allowing you to feel happy again.

4) You will feel better. 
Oddly enough, when you forgive him, you will feel as if a load of weight has been lifted off of your chest - it's an instant relief! 

5) The forgiveness is for you, not him. 
Forgiving him in your mind, body and soul will actually set YOU free from the angry, hurt and frustration that you felt while you were with him.