Here's How You Can Do the Sexual Seesaw Position




Erotic Instructions

Lie on your back and lift your legs so they're over your ears and parallel to the floor. Your partner, kneeling in front of you, butts his knees up against your lower back, supporting you, and leans his torso against your thighs. (You can hold his legs to stay in this vixen-esque V-shape.)

Carnal Challenge

4 out of 5

Why You'll Love It

This position will make any guy's member feel like Moby Dick, since your legs are raised (which narrows your vaginal canal) and spread (which provides the deepest penile penetration). That adds up to an extra-full feeling plus lots of fab friction for you and a tantalizingly tight squeeze for him.

Cosmo Hint

Vary the pace and the intensity of the rocking. Just as one speed starts to feel unbelievable, switch it up. Go from slow to fast and back to slow again, drawing out for the climax for as long as you can. Time it right, and you'll be headed for dual-orgasm delight.Via Cosmopolitan US