10 Things You Should Know Before Dating an Indian Girl

This is so relatable!




1. Remember, you're dating a Bollywood Queen!

Bollywood is Hollywood on drugs, basically. So be prepared if your girlfriend breaks out into an impromptu song, or very dramatic dialogues to your 'I'm sorry I didn't call you back' excuses. Let's just say that there'll never be a dull moment in your relationship.

2. Her family means everything to her

Family means A LOT to Indians. So you'll be in her good-books and her parent's if you respect them back and treat them with a great deal of importance.

They're also incredibly conservative, so don't be surprised if she calls you 'Anjali' on the phone a couple of times just to let 'em know you're talking to a girl-friend. Or if you end up celebrating Valentines day earlier or later than the actual date just to make her parents think she actually didn't have plans for the 14th.

3. She will introduce you to SOO much good food ?

She will open your eyes to some of the most incredible kinds of food - she may not be able to cook them, but she knows some of the best street-side food vendors, and the most secretive of restaurants. And you'll rarely catch her on a 'salad diet'.

She will also have taste buds and an appetite of a champion, you'll have a tough time keeping up with the spice levels. But the burn will sooo be worth it.

4. There will most definitely be hair everywhere!

You will be drawn in by her luscious long locks, but you definitely won't be able to admire it for long, when every morning, you'll have to wake up to clumps of hair on the bed, in the sink, in your cereal and basically EVERYWHERE else.

You'll also be accompanying her to several waxing sessions, so keep your calendar free.

5. You won't be able to say no to her big puppy eyes.

Indian girls have big, beautiful eyes, which will make it incredibly hard for you to say no to her. "Baby, can you take me shopping? *shows big puppy eyes*" - "YES! You can even use my credit card!"

6. Kamasutra originated in India

We're just saying...

Just treat her well, and you may get lucky enough to learn some amazing moves.

7. She will actually save you a lot of money

You will never have to pay an extra penny for anything with her brilliant bargaining skills. Instead she will find you amazing knock-offs to help your Gucci obsession.

8. She will open your eyes to amazing festivals.

India has Holi and Diwali, what more do we need to say? Flinging colour in other people's faces and watching fireworks all night long? YES PLEASE!

9. Names could be a tongue-twister.

You will have a really hard time getting used to her extended family and their incredibly similar names. Just don't confuse her aunt 'Harpreet' with her uncle 'Harjeet'.

10. Be prepared for a HUGE wedding

If you're lucky enough to get hitched to an Indian, be prepared for the most amazing wedding ceremonies. The wedding itself will equal 5 English weddings followed by other kick*ss ceremonies. Does your wedding involve the groom riding in on a horse? We guess not!