12 Sex Moves that Will Definitely Bring You Closer

Any trick that makes sex hotter for both of you will make you feel more connected-in and out of bed. We asked women to reveal their most game-changing moves.




Any trick that makes sex hotter for both of you will make you feel more connected-in and out of bed. We asked women to reveal their most game-changing moves.

The Lift "Don't get too jealous, but my guy is insanely good at giving oral. One time, right when I was about to come, I lifted my butt a few inches off the mattress and clenched my butt muscles for a couple of seconds. The tension made my orgasm stronger than ever!" - Rita, 25

The Kneel "My boyfriend and I made up a move, and now when we use it, we feel extra close, since it's our thing. I lie down on my left side and pull my top leg as close to my chest as I can. Then he kneels behind me and goes in, so our bodies are perpendicular. He strokes my boobs and hips and hits my clitoris perfectly!" -Layla, 29

The Surrender "I was always curious about S&M but felt it was too kinky for me. Then one time, my guy held my hands over my head and wouldn't let go...and I loved it! It felt like I'm being taken, but it was comfortable since I wasn't tied up." - Neha, 27

The Closer "When my guy is getting close, I pause and get into doggiestyle. Then he touches me down there for the final moments as he's thrusting, and it's nearly guaranteed that we'll come at the same time. When we do, it makes us feel more bonded." - Lisha, 27

The Tease "Once when I was playing around solo, I realised that I loved the friction my underwear created against my clitoris, so I brought the move to my boyfriend's attention. Now, I'll stay clothed for a bit longer, and when we do finally strip, the sex is extra intense because of the feeling of urgency." - Ruth, 27

The Tropical Trick "My guy spread coconut oil around my vagina, then went down on me (it's safe!). Knowing I taste good relaxes me so I enjoyed the moment more." - Lydia, 27

The dig "I used to be timid in bed, but the move that brought me out of my shell is when I dug my nails into my guy's butt when we were in missionary and pulled him closer. It's an easy way to show you're into it without shouting." - Priya, 27

The Eye Lock "Whenever I'm hooking up with my seminew boyfriend, I pull him into a sitting position while I'm on top, look into his eyes, and thrust back and forth. Since the eye contact makes it romantic by default, it's a great way to have connected sex with someone you're still getting to know." - Manvi, 32

The Preview "I'd been dating this guy for a few months. One night when we were out at a bar, he pulled me into the coed bathroom and pinned me against the wall, and we started making out. What made it even sexier? He kept my clothes on-he just reached inside my jeans to touch me for a few hot seconds, then said, 'More later'. I was such a sucker for that! I'm not dating that guy anymore, but I stole his trick and tried it on the new guy I'm dating. He, like me, loved it. Now I try to give him some sort of preview (even just a thigh touch or an ear whisper) as often as possible. It makes us really anticipate what's going to happen later on. By the time we get to bed, we're practically bursting." - Bianca, 20

The squeeze "In my opinion, the whole point of being on top is to feel like you're dominating. My trick: when I'm sliding up and down his penis, I squeeze my PC muscles on my way down. The pressure my clenching creates makes me feel in control. Judging from my guy's sighs, he digs it, too!" -Ekta, 25

The pillow thing "To make doggie-style more amazing, I put two pillows under my stomach when I'm lying facedown. It creates this arch, so it's easier for my boyfriend to hit just the right spot on my clitoris. We go nuts." -Gia, 26

The Little Friend "On a whim, I tried using my neck massager on my clit during doggie-style with my BF and it worked! Knowing that I can climax from that helps me enjoy other positions without worrying about not being able to come." - Tina, 27