If You're Still Friends With Your Ex There is a High Chance That...

There's way more to 'just being friends' than what you let on.

'But we can still be friends'–the clichéd go-to saying during every break-up. It can go three ways: you never speak again and avoid each other like the plague at every social event, you throw in a random drunk text or a 'happy birthday' text for old time's sake, or the worst–you remain best buds like nothing ever went wrong.

On the off chance that your ex remains more than just a distant memory and you start fixing up regular 'friendly' dates, or even think of introducing them to your now partner, you may have some genuine mental issues. And it's not just us, a controversial new study from psychologists at Oakland University proves the same.

Believe it or not, entertaining the guy who essentially broke your heart is an indication that you have darker identity issues and attributes than what your Tinder bio is letting on. The study, conducted on 861 people reviewed their relationship with their exes, and it's not looking good for the ones who are still inseparable.

Apparently, being friends with your ex is a sign that you harbour narcissistic and psychopathic traits. So if you have't already had your farewells, you really should. There's way more going on in your head than the intention to 'just be friends'. The study states that people stay friends with their exes for strategic reasons and have more short-term relationships as a result.

Men in particular who were friends with their exes indicated that they weren't looking for a nurturing relationship, in fact for them, pragmatism and sexual access are more important.

For narcissists, it's more about social esteem. You determine your value and worth by your exes, it gives you a sick feeling of pride, especially because you don't want to see them with anyone else but you.

Don't believe us? Try taking this psychopathic test instead.

If the results don't look up for you, we suggest drowning your sorrows in a glass of wine, or better yet, a tub of icecream while watching Frozen on repeat. Elsa didn't need a man to be powerful AF and neither do you.