Your Political Views Could Be Killing Your Sex Life!

Put down that ballot and listen up.




​So, you're a Modi loyalist and he's a steadfast Congress bastion? A heated discussion over party policy will NOT necessarily lead to red-hot sex post the exchange, finds a recent study by Relationship Expert Joan Bernard on kxan,com. The study found that 17 percent of men would run away from the idea of being with woman who wasn't open to talking about politics at all, but 77 percent of them would want to be able to have "productive political conversations" with their partner.

When women were asked about how important political preferences were in a relationship, about 40 odd percent of them said they were "very important".

"Respondents over age 24 were 20 percent more likely to admit that an individual's political affiliation has kept them from starting a conversation even if they were originally attracted to that person," the report added.

The study also found that the older the couple, the more likely differing poltiical views were to cause major anger—that did not translate into bedroom intensity. So the younger you are, the safer it is for you to check out his ballot.