9 Signs You Are A Dominating Girlfriend

Girl, you seem to have a whip in your hand!



1. He wants to go out drinking with his buds? He needs to check with you. He's going to a friend's house to play xBox? Well, he better ask first. Your permission is a must, and your word is the last word.

2. You believe boyfriend duties include carrying all your bags for you--even the ones you can carry yourself. EVEN the pink handbag with the bow on it. What?! He's a gentleman isn't he?!

3. The TV remote is your b*tch, and he needs to know that you're the boss of home entertainment. He has to ask if it's okay to flip the channel to watch his football game. But if you'd rather watch that Friends rerun, then there will be no flipping of the channel at all.

4. You are the one who plans and decided all dates. And even if he wants to take you somewhere, that place needs to be approved by you. Same rule applies to holidays. If he likes the hills and you like the beach, it's gonna be a Goa holiday, guaranteed.

5. You like breakfast in bed, and he knows that. If there's no-one else to do it, he needs to be the maker and the server. Yes, even on weekends. Case closed.

6. After a fight, he's the one who must apologize first. Even if you were the raging bull who called his mother a 'horrible person'. Unless he says the magic word, the fight remains a fight.​

7. It's rom-coms over action flicks every time. When he tries to argue, you launch into a lecture about how action films all have the same plot, and how your feelings matter, and how dare he argue in the first place!

8. He tells you how and where he is spending his money. He even checks before actually spending it. If you believe it's a wasteful expense, you let him know (and perhaps even gently remind him that he could use that moolah to buy YOU some pretty things instead).

9. He's busy in a meeting? Like, who cares? If you want to discuss that fight you had with Ms Goody-Two-Shoes at work, or want to discuss weekend party plans, he better be available to take your call. Oh, he's busy with his boss? Guess who won't have a fun weekend to begin with!!!