Here's How You Can Make His #1 Sex Wish Come True

We've finally pinpointed the one thing that men crave more than anything else in the sack, and shockingly, it has nothing to do with Megan Fox.




If you were to ask guys about the best sex they ever had, you'd expect them to describe crazy nights involving acrobatic positions and kinky triplets. But in a recent Cosmo poll, 71 per cent said what made their favourite session so awesome was the fact that their partner couldn't get enough of them.

What men really want, it turns out, is to be wanted. "Usually, the focus is on the man seducing the woman," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of Sex Recharge. "But like you, a guy needs to feel like you want him so bad, you're restraining yourself from tearing off his clothes." And that requires more than getting on top (though that's a great idea). It's the little things that convey how horny you are for him - think pressing your body against his or whispering naughty things, that take sex from good to never been better. Now that you know, check out this list for sexy ways to give him that need-you-now rush.

Send Him a Message He Can't Miss

1. Call him on his cell, and ask what he's up to. As he's talking, casually interrupt and mention that you're in bed touching yourself and thinking of him. If you're not cool with letting him listen in on your ritual, no actual self-stimulation is required, just a little heavy breathing and telling him you can't wait to have his hands all over you will do the trick.

2. When you're out in public, press your chest into his back so it looks like you're just giving him a playful hug from behind. Then subtly rub your breasts and pelvis against him for several lingering seconds.

3. As you're drinking out of a bottle, let your mouth glide suggestively over the opening, and look him in the eye as you take a sip. Lick your lips as you put the drink down, and he may just have an immaculate orgasm.

4. Write him a note describing, in detail, a hot time you two hooked up. Make the last line read, "Think we can top that tonight?" and leave it for him in a spot where he'll discover it randomly, such as inside his wallet or in the freezer next to his frozen pizza collection.

5. Call him out for doing something that unexpectedly turns you on, like when he expertly fixes your fickle DVR and you're reminded of the other ways he's good with his hands.

6. Softly whisper these eight words into his ear: "I want to have sex with you-now." This line is best dropped apropos of nothing, like while waiting in line at the grocery store or eating breakfast one weekday morning.

7. Since guys are super-visual, skip the tawdry texts and e-mail him pics of sexy things you want to do with him-just make sure you're using your personal (not work) accounts. Don't worry: you don't have to pull a Vanessa Hudgens to make it happen. Some ideas: send him a link to some hot lingerie and tell him to imagine it on you tonight, or copy and paste a pic of a can of whipped cream with this caption: "You + me + a bottle of this later = way hotter than that scene in Ghost."

8. Ambush him with a butt squeeze to let him know you so want him for his body and not his (insanely smart) mind.

9. As you're holding hands, take his finger into your mouth and lick and kiss it like you would his penis. Seductively wipe it down your cleavage and watch him stare at you in awe.

10. When you notice a sexy woman checking him out, instead of shooting her step-off-bitch daggers, bring his admirer to his attention. Say something like "That woman over there totally just undressed you with her eyes. And lucky me, I get to strip you down when we get home."

11. When you're leaving a party, let it slip to his friends that you're sorry to skip out but you just can't wait to, um, get him home. His brahs will interpret that as "My boyfriend is amazing at sex," making your guy feel more studly than if he had swept their asses in their fantasy-football league.