The ultimate guide to cocktail mixers

Get your hands on these party-approved mixers, from Jimmy's and Svami to Bartisans and more.

20 February, 2024
The ultimate guide to cocktail mixers

Cocktail crafting is undoubtedly an art, and not everyone finds mastery in it. However, we may have uncovered the secret to crafting the perfect cocktail, a process that hardly requires professional expertise. The key lies in pairing your favourite alcohol with the right mixer, allowing you to exert minimal effort while still savouring a deliciously flavoured drink. We curated a list of mixers that will take your cocktail making skills to a whole new level.




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Svami offers a diverse range of mixers and non-alcoholic beverages suitable for various occasions. Whether you're enjoying a drink alone or with friends, pairing your beverages with Svami is a reliable choice. In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, the brand recently introduced a new flavor inspired by the taste of Singapore—Pandan tonic. This unique beverage, blending pandan and Gondhoraj flavours, complements both cocktails and mocktails. You can find the beverage on Svami's website or on Amazon. 


Jade Forest’s Ginger Ale 


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A notable advantage of a quality mixer is that it takes care of the majority of the work for you, leaving you with the simple task of finding the perfect balance. Jade Forest's limited-edition Ginger Ale mixer is a prime example, which when combined with your preferred alcohol and some ice, makes for quite a delightful treat. 


Jimmy’s Cocktails 

Jimmy's Cocktails boasts an exciting array of flavours inspired by popular cocktails found in restaurants. These mixers incorporate the essence of drinks like Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach, Whiskey Sour, and more. The best part? There's hardly any skill involved. 

Sepoy & Co mixers

Crafted with natural ingredients, Sepoy and Co's mixers are a must-try. Featuring exotic flavours of tonic water such as spiced grapefruit, hibiscus, elderflower, Irish mule, mixed berry lemonade, and more. If you enjoy a sweeter taste in your drinks, these are a must-try. Mix them with your favourite type of alcohol and enjoy a round of craft cocktails at your next party.




If you're a fan of reality shows, there's a chance you might have come across this brand on Season 3 of Shark Tank India. It's safe to say that this cocktail-mixing brand has the approval of the sharks. These low-calorie mixers are available in unique flavours such as pineapple, saffron, marigold, blue pea, green apple, and more.

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