Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Has a Classy Strategy For Dealing With Trolls

 Sh*ts given: zero. 

Madhavi Pothukuchi

Part of being a celebrity is dealing with a lot of criticism and hate from random people, especially on the Internet. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who recently made her Instagram debut, has dealt with her share of trolls — offline and online. In a recent interview with SpotBoye, the actor got candid about how she and her husband, Abhishek Bachchan, deal with trolls. 

"Abhishek does what he has to do or what he feels like doing… to each his own. There have been instances where he has been silent for years and made a choice to remain silent and then once in a while he decides to engage and then he does. There is no telling if he will or if he won’t, it is a matter of at that time," she said, speaking about Abhishek's epic shutdowns on Twitter. 

And when it comes to her, a lot of criticism is centred around her daughter, Aaradhya. As is common for every Indian aunty and uncle to give completely unsolicited advice to parents about parenting, Ash also faces a lot of baseless comments about how she is supposedly behaving with her child, especially in public. 

"I react when cameras come too close. If my arm is around Aaradhya, people will say the mother is very clingy. I hear all this when it is already a couple of days later so it is kind of over. I don’t let it define me. I don’t change how I take care of Aaradhya or how I define myself based on all of this. Judge me for it but I will love her, embrace her. She is my daughter."

Take that, haters! 

The Fanney Khan star also shared her simple, zen mantra to stay above all the petty hate and drama: "Be in tune with who you are because that keeps you positive. Once you start radiating that positivity, there is no stopping you." 

Taking notes, everyone? 


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