Here's What Alia Bhatt Has to Say About Her Rumoured Rift with Katrina Kaif

Sassy, yo!


Ever since Ranbir Kapoor officially admitted to his relationship with Alia Bhatt, rumours of tiffs between Alia and Ranbir's ex, Katrina Kaif have been doing rounds of the Internet. 

After Alia's numerous efforts to prove that her friendship with Katrina ain't over yet, (read the story here) the media continues to question her about the rumoured rift between the two. 

On being asked about why people don't see Katrina's likes on Alia's pictures anymore, Alia said, "I will send her a message and ask her to start liking my pictures. If that's the barometer of friendship we must start liking everyone's pictures... Maybe I just don't have very good pictures, that's possible. But no, there's no stress whatsoever."


Did you hear that? Everything is fine. We really need to stop pitting women against each other, especially over a man — because women are better than that. 

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