Nick Jonas Shared the Moment When He and Priyanka Chopra Felt Their Relationship was Finally 'Official'

No, it wasn't at the roka ceremony.


Recently, Nick Jonas made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, where he not only performed his latest song 'Right Now', but also revealed how he met his fiancée, Priyanka Chopra and other interesting deets about their relationship.

Jimmy, the host of the show, was curious about the roka ceremony. Nick explained, "It's a confirmation from both sides of the family that they approve of the engagement and then there were some beautiful prayers. And then it's a chance for the families to meet and hang out and get to know each other. It's really incredible, we left that ceremony with so full of joy."

Nick was quick to add, "It's funny that we had this beautiful ceremony – we felt so connected, our families and all met. It was spiritual and then we put it on Instagram - Oh my god, it's official!"

Here, watch the video:



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