This is Got to be the Best DIY Drink to Melt Your Body Fat in Just 3 Days!

Skinny as easy as 1-2-3

Nikita Upadhyay

OH, YES! It's STILL not too late to give up on your New Year's resolution. After you fed yourself and your friends with the 'New Year New Me' crap, you might just end up meeting your fitness goals that are just a few health hacks away.

Here's a DIY recipe that'll help you achieve your dream physique without leaving the house.

What You Need to Make This Drink:

How to Make the Drink:

Mix the ingredients in a container and allow it to sit overnight.Remove the mint leaves, lemon slices and grated ginger from the solution and pour it in a glass, next morning.

Keep sipping the drink throughout the day, and try to finish it by the night.

Repeat this process for a month, and you'll see a remarkable difference.

This healthy and effective drink will not only hydrate your body, but also purify it and start melting excess fat from your body from the third day onwards.

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