Real Women Share 5 Sneaky Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

About 5000 women reveal what they wish their lovers did more often in the bedroom!

Intimacy plays a huge role in bringing a couple together. Compatibility and respect for each other translate into great chemistry between the sheets. 

So, get in tune with your partner to know what they truly desire to turn up the heat several notched and here's some help to do just that. Dating app Gleeden asked 5000 of their female users from major metropolitan cities of India about their sexual desires.  

While everyone has different turn-ons, the survey had a common denominator- what really matters is what a lover has to offer besides the actual act of sex. The key to a happy relationship is healthy sex life and here are some of the common suggestions shared by the survey's respondents:

Pampering is the best foreplay

A whopping majority of respondents are all about laying the groundwork with thoughtful gestures before you get down and dirty. Planning a romantic dinner date, helping out with chores or giving her a foot massage, 62 per cent of women admitted that a partner's efforts outside the bedroom can actually make the fireworks start between the sheets! 

Look good, feel better

We are all visual creatures, attracted to beauty and aesthetically pleasing things. However, a running complaint among many long-term couples is that they start 'letting themselves go' as time goes on. Gleeden’s data shows that more than 50 per cent of women would like their partners to get into shape and make an effort to look good for them.

Play the long game

Sneaking a quickie can be fun, but beware of making it a norm. About 57.25 per cent of women revealed that they would prefer if their lovers could devote some time to foreplay before actually doing the deed. Good sex is a two-way street and so, make your time with each other really count by paying attention to your partner's turn-ons.    

Do not be moody

If you feel like you are the one initiating sex all the time, you need to take a closer look at your relationship. About 37 per cent of women reportedly felt unloved and unwanted when their lover turned down their suggestion to get down and dirty. A lover's undivided attention is a turn-on for every woman and so, when you cannot give it to her, make sure to explain your side instead of outrightly rejecting sex.

Conversation is sexy

Talking about your likes and dislikes is a great way to spice things up. Almost half of the women (43.5 per cent) respondent shared that they would love if their partner could be as generous in foreplay as they are. So, return the favour and say hello to a smashing time between the sheets!