Find intelligence arousing? 6 signs you might be a sapiosexual

Mind over matter.

Find intelligence arousing? 6 signs you might be a sapiosexual

Everyone has their own set of turn-ons; for some, it could be a specific personality trait, while for others, it might be a particular aesthetic, such as piercings, dyed hair, or tattoos. The range of what people find attractive is vast and varied. But what if the primary attraction isn't tied to physical appearance, but rather to someone's intellect? This is where sapiosexuality comes into play. This unique sexual orientation pertains to individuals whose primary attraction is intelligence rather than physical features. Despite being less commonly discussed compared to other sexual orientations, sapiosexuality is a valid and noteworthy aspect of one's identity. 

Here are signs that could indicate an attraction to intellect and suggest that you are a sapiosexual: 

It’s personality over looks for you 

Indeed, while physical appearance often catches initial attention, for you, it's the personality that truly matters. Instead of merely focusing on outward appearances, your interest is piqued by the substance of conversations and the topics individuals engage in. Your mind naturally gravitates towards assessing someone based on the depth and quality of their dialogue rather than their looks alone.

Your love for debating is endless 

Your boundless passion for debating is a clear indication of your sapiosexual tendencies. Rather than being solely captivated by physical attributes, you find immense satisfaction and intellectual stimulation in engaging in debates and discussions. Your love for debating reflects your deep appreciation for intellect and critical thinking. For you, it’s not just about winning arguments but about the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of knowledge.

Intellectual conversions are your biggest turn-on 

Engaging in intellectual conversations is your ultimate turn-on. Whether it's exploring new ideas, debating thought-provoking topics, or sharing insights, the exchange of intellect and ideas ignites a spark within you. You thrive on the mental stimulation that comes from connecting with others on an intellectual level, making intellectual conversations your biggest source of attraction and satisfaction.

You hate small talk

Small talk isn't your thing. Instead of superficial chit-chat, you crave conversations with substance and depth. You find small talk tedious and unfulfilling, preferring meaningful discussions that stimulate your mind and engage your intellect. Whether it's delving into complex ideas, sharing personal experiences, or debating thought-provoking topics, you thrive on conversations that challenge you and expand your understanding of the world.

The ideal date place for you is a library 

Your ideal date spot? Probably a library. Instead of bustling restaurants or loud clubs, you find peace and joy surrounded by books and knowledge. Sharing favourite reads, exploring together, or diving into deep discussions makes it the perfect setting for romance. In the quiet comfort of the library, you can connect on a deeper level, bonding over shared interests and the love of learning.

Professional or academic success is an important criterion for you 

Professional or academic success holds significant importance for you. Whether it's your own achievements or those of a potential partner, you value ambition, dedication, and intellectual growth. You're drawn to individuals who are driven and goal-oriented, sharing your passion for continuous learning and personal development. Success in career or academia is not just a status symbol for you; it's a reflection of character and determination, traits that you highly esteem in yourself and others.

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