Through my lens: Naveli Choyal on making everyday moments as beautiful as they deserve to be

The Delhi-based artist talks to Cosmo India about capturing family histories and narrating stories of everyday life through her craft.

Through my lens: Naveli Choyal on making everyday moments as beautiful as they deserve to be

Photographers are the voices of Indian art that enable past moments to re-live. The world is a fast-paced environment where things change within the blink of an eye, but being able to live precious past experiences is what makes photography so beautiful. Naveli Choyal, a 31-year-old independent photographer, art director, and stylist divides her time between New Delhi and Ajmer and narrates stories of everyday life. She has a strong inclination toward archiving family history. Her unique perspective on street photography has established her as a key voice in India’s dynamic art and fashion spheres.

Image credit: Naveli Choyal

My first encounter with photography was sparked by curiosity...

However, it wasn’t until about three years ago when I transitioned into full-time freelancing, that I delved into it professionally. Initially, it was an endeavour to document my family’s history and the beauty of everyday life.

The best part of being a photographer is the ability to freeze moments...

The images I take further offer a glimpse into the past—it is a way to stay connected with people and places even as they evolve.

A great photograph is one that is bathed in natural light...

It captures the essence of a fleeting emotion or a simple moment. It is also about conveying a feeling that resonates with viewers on a visceral level.

I focus on sharing my varied interests authentically...

By staying true to myself, I believe my work naturally sets itself apart.

Freedom is the liberty to express oneself genuinely and without constraints...

It is about embracing simplicity and honesty in every aspect of life. Through my photography, I strive to capture the essence of freedom by keeping things simple. This image reflects my daily pursuit of leading a life marked by authenticity.

Image credits: Naveli Choyal

This digital era fosters creativity and allows diverse voices to be heard...

With access to various mediums and platforms, artists can share their narratives without geographical limitations. My wildest vision involves creating a series of photographs that transcends cultural and societal boundaries. I envision a collection that celebrates the beauty of human connection, capturing moments of joy, resilience, and unity amid diversity. Through my photography, I aim to evoke empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the richness of the human experience.

Image credits: Naveli Choyal

This article originally appeared in Cosmopolitan India Magazine's May-June 2024 print issue.

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