Saif Ali Khan Explains How Nepotism Starts in the Industry

Blame games, back n forth, basically!

Sakshi Dhyani

The recent 'nepotism stint' at IIFA is causing a lot of trouble for Saif Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar. ICYMI, click here to find out what happened.

Even before Kangana Ranaut could react to it, all three men regretted the incident. Varun chose to tweet a public apology and Saif texted Kangana personally.

Karan also gave an interview to clarify that he didn't believe in nepotism. He said,"This is something that I need to say and to clarify. Of course, I do not believe that nepotism rocks. Of course, I believe that only talent and hard work rocks. What we said was meant to be a joke, and I think it was misplaced, misunderstood and I think it went wrong. I regret it. The idea of that joke was entirely mine, so I take total onus. I think we went a bit far with the Kangana mention,"

Outrage on Twitter made it clear that the fans didn't find 'the joke' tasteful. While the discussions about nepotism were still quite strong, Saif shared some light on how it all begins. He explained nepotism while talking to a leading daily giving his son, Taimur's example.

Saif said, "Taimur gets written about like he's Elvis before he's even born. And so now when he's growing up, it's going to be really tough for us as parents to keep a level head on his shoulders and tell him, 'No, you are nothing. You haven't achieved anything until you've done it on your own'."

He also added, "When he's 18, the press themselves will launch him. So where does the nepotism start? The producer is just an opportunist saying 'okay, let me market this'."

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