What Is DASH Diet and Why You Totally Need to Know About It

Dash your way to healthy!

Sakshi Dhyani

If the word diet is equivalent to a famine for you, the DASH diet will sound like a fiesta. According to research this diet will not just help in achieving body goals but, will also take care of overall well-being.

DASH diet -Dietary approaches to stop hypertension is all about well-balanced meals. The U.S. based National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute created three diet plans to help lower the blood pressure without any medication. As the diet incorporates more fiber rich items like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, it becomes one of the best diets for losing weight as well.

This diet balances all the essential nutrients and minerals in our body, that are responsible for our brain and body functions. No need to count calories or avoid your fave food, this diet is all about moderation. The diet only requires you to reduce the salt intake and increase consumption of certain food items. Also, you gotta love a diet that allows eating sweets five times a week.

There are several recipes of delicious dishes available on the Internet that can totally be consumed during DASH diet.

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