Guess What? Even Emojis Are Sexist!

Where's the emoji for female human rights lawyer?

Aishwarya Dravid

To ask you if you use emojis may be a bit much. If you have a smartphone, then you probably do (unless you're living under a rock, poor you). So, ever wondered why all the emojis that have anything to do with women are pink? Or stereotypical?

Think about it: there's the woman flipping her hair, a woman blowing kisses, woman painting her nails, there's a woman as a queen, as a bride, getting her hair cut...I mean, is that all women do. Of course not.

And that's why for their latest campaign #LikeAGirl Always asked girls from different age groups what their experience with emojis was. And if they thought that emojis represented women accurately. And the truth is... they don't.

Here, check out the video!

So what kind of emojis would women like to see? A boxer, a rockstar, a police office. When you think about how frequently we use emojis in our day to day lives, it's surprising that they don't represent the society they've been created for, at all. 

So while they've managed to add emojis like a burrito or a unicorn, think it's time the brains behind the emojis started thinking about how they should include women. 

Better yet, maybe women should create emojis. That'd be fantastic, don't you think!

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