After Ranbir Kapoor Publicly Confirms His Relationship With Alia Bhatt, THIS Celebrity Wants Him to Get Married Soon!

Could this really happen?

Akshita Jolly

The fantastic success of Sanju has put Ranbir Kapoor back on the map, just like his honest revelation about dating Alia Bhatt. Currently shooting for their upcoming film Brahmastra, Ranbir and Alia are in Bulgaria, and we get to see enviable pictures from their set and hangouts.

Ever since the two came together for Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's wedding reception, and have been spotted chilling together with each other's fams, multiple people (or instance Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt) have been questioned about what they think of their relationship. In conversation with Mid-Day, Ranbir's father, and veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor talked about his wish to see his son get married now, and how it wasn't an easy subject for him to talk about.

"It is high time he got married. I settled down when I was 27, Ranbir is 35. So he should think about marriage. He can marry anyone of his choice; we don't have any objection to it. I want to spend time with my grandchildren before I am gone," he said.


Hailing from a celeb background himself, he mentioned how thanks to crazy working schedules made him wish his son could live a more normal life.

"[Be it] Ranbir or his contemporaries, actors have blinkers on and are focused on their work. The only women they meet are the actresses. They don't socialise as much; that is the flip side of life in the movies," he said.

Ranbir has always been closer to his mother Neetu Kapoor, and even the actor herself has often admitted to the fact. Which is probably why, Rishi Kapoor said talking about marriage with his son is a shaky bridge to tread on for him.

"I haven't been vocal about it, but my wife [Neetu Kapoor] keeps bringing it up with him and he just brushes the question away. Whenever he is ready for it, we will be happy. Our happiness lies in his happiness, after all," he shared. 

Staying true to his frank and candid nature, Kapoor didn't hesitate from admitting that Alia is in Ranbir's life, and waved off all speculation around it. 

"Jo hai woh hai, sabko pata hai. (Everyone knows what is happening) I don't need to say anything more."

From what it seems, both Alia and Ranbir's families are pretty approving of their relationship. And considering how Ranbir wants to get married soon and Alia doesn't believe in live-in relationships, this couple might just take the leap. And while we wait for that to happen, we know one thing for sure — Rishi Kapoor is all up for it!