Cosmo X TREsemmé : Jacqueline Fernandez Pays Tribute to the Fierce Women of Today

2018, really, is year of the woman and Cosmo, in association with TRESemmé, brings to you Jacqueline Fernandez's tribute to the phenomenal women who inspire her.


Cosmo X TREsemmé : Here's How 5 Phenomenal Women Are Championing the Cause for Women Empowerment

Cosmo, in association with TRESemmé, salutes the monumental effort of these women who’ve come forward in support of every cause that helps make the world a better place for women.


Cosmo X TRESemmé: 5 Iconic Women and Their Inspiring Words

Cosmo, in association with TRESemmé, salutes the courage and fire of all such fierce ladies who’ve come forward to influence change like never before.